Time to think, feel and live

Still in Pattaya, oh, how I forgot how to blog. Been an absolute different cycle here, basically 2 weeks of resting and doing everything I feel like doing at that precise moment in time. Of course later, by allowing only the physical thoughts through, I will think why didn`t I do this or that, but – ah, I think I´m as experienced as not to let those kinds of thoughts intervene anymore. I can say that I was me during this time and I enjoyed being me, quite often it is quite hard to be me though – do you have difficulty being you? I don´t mean you, the one, choosing an activity, but you, the one, who chooses the right kind of activity despite of social pressure? — Mastery of life.

What have I been doing? Well, swimming a lot – learning different diving, jumping, holding breath, different styles of swimming – oh and why? Because fortunately we had a swimming pool here, which.. is beside the sea, true, but I enjoy the pool more. Also – sunbathing, did quite a lot of it here. Why haven´t we done it before? Well, because if you know you´ll be travelling in all different conditions for the next few months, the last thing I want is an extra factor that might cause inconvenience (being sunburnt).


This is how I feel like I rode the songtaews here in Pattaya, at least twice has this happened, well.. not exactly this, but I needed to hang out of the songtaew with straight hands, because there was no room inside the songtaew – so basically, yep.

There was also this badminton tournament here – Astec Pattaya Badminton Sawasdee Cup 2015, which we visited twice. Was so refreshing to see badminton in a different situation and to also see a lot of Chinese players. The ones I talked to, didn´t talk English, which seemed weird to me, but hey, whatever. So I came to a conclusion in my badminton dimension – I really like seeing people develop and becoming better, also see warriors playing (the ones who don´t give up), but mostly I love the enjoyment of the game. I have not met many people who would really enjoy every single moment, every single shot, every rally in a game – mostly people are focused on winning, which by all means is the “end goal of professional sport.” But – I feel there is a lot more value in the enjoyment part, I´ve usually seen myself grow much more as well if I set my goal to becoming as good as I can be, not comparing myself with others per say and just enjoying the flow.

Why am I talking about this? Well, because I thought that I´d come to Asia to look for something new, but it seems I already had it. I remember something I took a picture of, from The Flying, The Arrival – “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” – George Moore. It is true, I must admit – but this trip hasn´t been in vain – I learned a lot about “professional” badminton and how the players in Asia train/play/focus and it is, I must say, very different from what I have seen and experienced in Estonia. I bet one player is close to this style of “living,” if I can say it like that and that is Raul (No.1 Men Singles in Estonia) and he is getting that focus from Denmark. But something that hasn´t yet reached Asia nor a lot of other countries is the correct balance for each individual – I believe if anyone would have any answers regarding this, Spain would be it.

As my colleague and former head coach Aigar told me about Asian style of play has been true, and well, in a way I knew it before as well, but seeing it in action is something different. This is another aspect I´ve discovered about myself. Even if I theoretically know something – it doesn´t matter, if I feel I need the experience, then I need the experience. Is this a new way to define stupidity? Well, maybe, but I´m moving, so I´ll try to focus on that.

I don´t think I have much else to say – oh wait, yes I do. Sometimes I wish I had a camera in my eyes, because finally I can say that I can see the locals and feel with them in the same pattern they are at and try to observe them without influencing them (which is quite impossible, as any quantum physics student will tell you). But I´m much closer to the local rhythm of life as I probably can get at this moment in time. The life I´m seeing around, the connections, the interactions, the simply just being – ineffable (indescribable).

So yes, beside the fact that I wish my eyes were cameras, that´s it. Tomorrow we´re heading through Bangkok to Lop Buri, the city of Monkeys. After that – Chiang Mai, the elephant region. Will see how it all pans out and will try to stay in touch.

Relax and take care, and I mean really – take, care 🙂

If you´re in a mood to listen to a slower song that caught my ear today, enjoy:

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