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This is my last blog post from Asia, for now. In a few hours we´re going to get up and get a taxi to the Bangkok metro station (Phaya Thai) and from there – metro to the airport.

I must say that I don´t feel like we´re actually going back – been in Asia for so long now that it has become a habit, in a way, a good habit. A lot of lovely memories that contribute to life and fullness.

What have we been doing? Well, 29.11-02.12 we were in Chiang Mai, after that flew to Krabi, then took the boat to Railey, stayed there for 2 nights, then went to Phi Phi, stayed there for 3 nights and through Surat Thani came back to Bangkok where we stayed for 6 nights. Not many pictures – why? Well, you most likely have seen the pictures from previous posts, so no need to repeat.

I have really enjoyed this Asian trip, it has been very unique all together and I´m glad I have had the possibility to be apart of everything I´ve experienced.

Nothing much more to say really, tomorrow´s going to be a fun day for me – whole day of flying and airports (no joke). I like airports and will try to enjoy them as much as possible.

Thank you for reading my blogs, hopefully you received the bit of information what brought you to this – hopefully everyone got something they needed, I´ll continue walking my path that is and has always been very strange for me 🙂

~ take care

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