Moving with flow

Here I am again. If you´ve been here before, you might notice – the title of the blog changed from “The Asian Flow” to “The Life Flow.” I guess you can ask why, but I´d rather you don´t, as you can imagine it yourself – there´s really no hidden truths here.

How am I doing? I´d say strangely flowing within my energy and sensing the world around me. In a way, it´d seem like I wasn´t doing much or – to an untrained individual. But truth be told – it´s the perfect balance of everything. Doing and not doing, sensing and not sensing – very relaxing really. I wouldn´t say I´m doing anything practical to move my life forward, as I´m not doing any physical calculated and planned steps forward, but I am concentrating on the ideas I value right now – this, right now, is enough for me. I enjoy devoting majority of me to the moment ´cause I´m really fascinated by how I continuously am in the process of being me.

Went on a walk yesterday and took some photos – all I´ll say is that I love the fact that I´ve found my flow, I don´t see anything more valuable in life than finding the energy level / flow / wave length of your life and being able to take a ride with it. There are a lot of different activities that out /good feelings/ that you get as a reward, but this.. without any doubt what so ever – takes the cake.

I´m very grateful to be apart of this, I feel like I´ve lived my past life with the idea of achieving just this, but I also feel that this is so much bigger than me. It´s so much bigger that all I do is give my best and be grateful to be here.

Oh yeah, the last picture is of my favourite food that I really missed. Even though we had mandarins in Asia, but – it´s something else to eat them when it´s freezing outside 🙂

Another thing I´ve really missed – having my sound system, music really is one of the Gods of life. Even though I don´t have anything set up, the fact that I am moving towards it is really wonderful 🙂

I thought about wishing you a good day, but I´d rather not. Pointless really, I believe. I would rather wish you the ability and strength to identify the influences world has on you and filter them – choose the road that comes from within, not from other people. It may be confusing if you´re used to living from outside, but trust me, once you embark on that journey to slowly, incredibly small step by step every day, start to condition yourself to live a conscious life and move towards finding your flow, you´ll get used to the journey and eventually the journey will take you as far as you´ll be able receive more, but still continue doing it as.. there´s really no destination, it´s all journey, the journey is the destination.

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