Island life (Railey, Phi Phi, Koh Lanta)

I haven´t been writing for a while now, have I? Here´s a short story of what happened after 20th of Sept 🙂

I´ll start from the beginning – leaving Bangkok. Got to ride on the back of the pickup truck again, this time it wasn´t pouring rain during the monsoon season. There´s a video as well.
(sidenote: If you like listening to music while reading, listen to this, as this was the energy it was intended in initially:

Booked a night train on the lower bed, which is better as said previously by others who have taken the train – you can actually catch some sleep. It was comfy, very comfy – like having your own cocoon – with people constantly waking you up outside of it, but that´s fine. I was quite tired, so I woke up only like twice – the train took about 12 hours from Bangkok to Surat Thani. Fortunately or unfortunately we had a direct bus to Krabi. Unfortunately because I wanted to stay in Surat Thani for a short while, fortunately because there was probably nothing to do in ST – we drove through it and everything seemed to repeat itself after a short time.

Soon we were driving towards Krabi and heard a couple talking about wanting to go to Railey. As we didn´t have any plans yet, that sounded great and we decided to join up and go together. A lovely couple on their honeymoon whose names are Yael and Omri, which I didn´t know then, but you get the express info 🙂 Drove a songthaew to the pier and then took a local taxiboat to East Railey where it took us about 10 minutes to walk to West Railey and then some more (small jungle crossing) to the 3rd – Ton Sai beach, secluded under construction part of the beach(es).

Stayed in a semi jungle bungalow, with an access to a pool (which was really nice) and good prices nearby. The electricity was turned on at 5pm and turned off again at 7am in the morning, why? I don´t know. Railey had a real jungle-half deserted-island feeling to it, even though.. it was not an island. Now, having visited Railey beach, Phi Phi and Koh Lanta I must say that for me, Railey was the most beautiful. Most tourists and travelers don´t get to go there – they either go to Phuket (extremely touristy and a big no-no for me), to Krabi (through which we came) and then Phi Phi and other islands. But yes, Railey was everything and so much more – it had great experiences and could say was perfect for my.. lack of expectations.

Beach was full of crabs –

Oh, Railey was also our first contact with our more intelligent counterparts – monkeys. At first we saw them at 7am in the morning (-4h for Estonia) and then later we accidentally walked into their “home turf” and they were quite aggressive – thankfully we weren´t that far “into” their home turf, so we started walking away and.. they were so nice to “escort us away” or as I thought (no, I didn´t actually). 🙂 Also saw a lot of geckos – they´re everywhere, there´s also a picture of a frog – quite many here. Lizards (I think that´s what they are called) – but no snakes yet. Saw the snakes at the Snake farm in Bangkok, I hope not to find any snakes here as I thought about it – the only time I´ll see a snake is when they´re either attacking or being attacked, or maybe seeing em while they´re chilling, but I hope not when I´m chilling.

After Railey we decided to head to Phi Phi and our plans synced with the Israeli couple – oh, I didn´t tell you Yael and Omri are from Israel, yes, so now you know, they are. Want to hear something intriguing as well? Katja saw an interesting dream where one scene was that an old man told us that “follow those Israelis” – as we were looking for a place to go. She told me that dream once we were already on Railey (as in – already did “follow” them) 🙂 I just felt that we needed to share a flow together with the Israelis.

Added later: Oh and.. I bought a shirt from Bangkok drift market for 50 euro cents – “City of David” – you connect, you, dots, connect – only if you want to.

Phi Phi – we decided to go there together and see what happens. We managed to get a tour, who probably got us a little more expensive price on the hotel where we stayed at BUT it was really comfy and.. I don´t know about Yael and Omri, but we loved the place. Was a bit out of the “center party area,” which wasn´t much of an party area during the low season – perfect time to arrive. Once there we found out that the prices are actually lower than on Railey for some reason, at least in one or two places we found and it was.. less “islandy.” By that I mean – had faster Internet – not in the hotel, but through 3G and.. always had electricity + felt more like civilized place, much much more than Railey. On Railey we felt totally deserted, which was excellent to be honest.

(sidenote: if the music has ended or want to switch – switch to La Belle Mixtape –

We were having breakfast one morning and an European young couple was sitting at the other table and.. the guy seemed to have some karma debt which could be read from his posture and the way he was behaving. The funny part – he got chopsticks, which everyone got, if you ordered phad thai, but what was funny about the interaction and “world” he was attracting was that he only got 1 chopstick in his “chopsticks kit” and he seemed to be losing hope after he saw that, but eventually tried to laugh it out and was just trying to interact with the woman who served food to them. Interesting privilege for me to be a witness to something like that.

On Facebook I posted a post – go ahead, read it. Title: Awesome Places (Arguably) Ruined By Popular Books, link:

Why did I post that? Well, firstly because I dinn´t come to Thailand to be treated like a tourist, but I didn´t mind as.. this.. is a part of the “new culture” of catering to the “rich” which I am not. But the reason I posted it was that it took timing, luck and perseverance to see beyond the façade. We stayed long after dark at the view point and walked back in complete darkness to catch the glimps of the locals behaving their own way. Also I observed and analyzed the locals and saw a lot of love and life in their everyday routines which was hidden away once the sun came out and more people were around – who can blame them? Tourists are pouring into their homeland and probably their home, literally, least you could do is charge them for it and continue your life that way. By any means, I do not say that what they´re doing is bad, just for me it is a tad strange. Strange in a way that.. this is actually their culture now, they have adapted – it might not be what I value, but I value the love behind all the layers of their behaviour, the love that comes out when the tourists are gone.

Katja and I decided to stay one more night in Phi Phi than Yael and Omri, so we sent em off with a gift – a yoghurt/milk drink that was introduced to us by UP (or Aop, as he likes to be called). They liked it and.. they were on their way to Bangkok by boat and bus. We relaxed one more day and then were off to Koh Lanta. On the boat we were introduced a place to stay at and.. we were thinking of actually going there anyway, so after some consideration decided to take it, as the price was exactly the same as on Phi Phi per night. The Internet here is much better tho. – incredibly just 50% of the Internet I had at home and 90% of the Internet anyone would ever actually need. Why is this important? Picture upload and blogging time! 🙂

This place was much more quiet than Phi Phi, oh and Koh Lanta is so much bigger. At first we thought to walk some distance from the pier and find a place to stay, as we thought when we first arrived in Bangkok and wanted to travel to center on foot – 26.6km. It seems reasonable and a good idea for me, but not something that needed to be completed, just planned. Same on Koh Lanta – there´s not really any place you can “walk” as it´s all road and not in the best condition and.. it takes some time to get from top to bottom. Thankfully the guy who offered us the accommodation also offered a free taxi ride to the hotel and.. we thought – sure, this time – sure.

As I said before, quiet place – we love it, beautiful beach or.. ocean? Rocky beach? Either way, ocean view. Has a great pool and is a great place for us to stay in. I rented a scooter and we drove around for 6 hours, oh how I remembered the days when I was riding around in Ghana for 4 months on a motorcycle (not a scooter then, a real motorcycle). But it brought back memories and after an hour everything came back rushing – by the end of the day I was a pro again or atleast that´s how I´m imagining myself, maybe ask Katja for her side of the story, which I hope isn´t much different, but never know. Saw a lot of beautiful places and as most know – quite cheap to rent a motorcycle and gas is also cheap. Win-win.

There´s so much I haven´t written here and so much I only wrote about briefly, so I´ll do a trade once I get back to Estonia on 14th or 15h of Dec. Want to hear more about anything or just want me to relax somewhere? Invite me over to stay with your for a day or two as I don´t have a place to stay once I come back to Estonia and will probably stay in Estonia for month more/less and then need to continue my traveling 🙂

Continuing our trip tomorrow to Trang and then to Hat Yai where we´ll be Couchsurfing. Then to Satun, Langkawi and then we´ll be in Malaysia already! 🙂 Will probably write a bit more once we get to Malaysia.

Take care and live an authentic life 🙂

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