I miss my hippie life

Today, 13th of Sept, 21:23, I am in a state where I deeply miss my hippie life. No, I don´t miss Estonia or the activities I had there, I do miss certain people and interactions, energies and life and.. most of all – I miss my hippie life. Wanting to travel, experience new things and live in my hippie rhythm is a hard mix, I won´t say it is impossible as I will start trying to fuse them both together from now on, so I will.. start moving closer to it.

It´s been a week now since I wrote something – time flies. It literally feels like I´ve been here for a few months now – even my poo has changed to the local popular state. My mind doesn´t miss anything that much, but my energetic/spiritual AND physical side does – as I already explained briefly about the former, now former. I don´t, intellectually or however you would like to put it, miss for example the food that I ate, but my body craves it. When I think about it or imagine it – a big no-no, because the local food is great here, but.. my body is in a state of shock so I must treat it and try to nurture it 🙂

I was sick from 7th to 9th of Sept. Had a homey day on the 7th – just relaxed, slept long, and went out to grab a snack with Up (one of the hosts and now – a good friend).
On the 8th I woke up a little earlier and started to clean around the house – cleaned some leaves that were fell down previously and just wanted to do something, otherwise I get restless and get bored – but couldn´t do much as I was sick and felt weak at some point. After that we thought to go shopping for Katja to perhaps buy her a new backpack as the current one she is using isn´t perfect for the situation right now. Fortunately there was a sale and she got a good backpack for a great price – about 2000 baht which is around 50€ – with a raincover and everything (including air ventilation). Then I wanted to buy some porridge and – still have that porridge untouched, will probably take it with us when we head out of Bangkok. As I said previously – I don´t miss stuff, but my body graves everything I had back in Estonia. And.. then we went to a massage parlour and had a Thai massage for 2 hours – guess how much it cost in euros.

The massage was 350 baht which is about 9€. It was great for me at that point as I was sick and it help get my juices flowing.

9th of Sept. On Wednesday we tried to wake up earlier because I really wanted to go to the city central with a local boat (there are many smaller rivers throughout Bangkok). And well – I couldn´t really sleep well, because from 7th (when I got sick) I had a lot of hallucinations during the night and it was very difficult to sleep and I had even worse hallucinations on the night of Tue/Wed, so I was up most of the night and still had to wake up at around 5:50, because the local boat goes around 6:15. Katja managed to wake up at exactly 6:15 without the alarm, so we just rushed – packed the bag and just went off – thankfully, we caught the boat 🙂

I like my finger on the first picture, if you were thinking about it 🙂

A few videos as well – guess how much does the boat cost from this place to town? On roads, it is like ~15km to center, or a bit less, maybe 12-14km. The boat goes straight and goes for about 45 minutes I guess.

40 baht round-trip for one person. The same distance, with a taxi, costs about 120 baht – so I found a even better transport for myself, if I´d live here 🙂 Once we arrived into the center, I felt great – it was early. 7am – which is extremely early for us. Because that was the first time we woke up so early. First 3 days (Fri-Sun) we woke up at around 12pm. I remember one day when I felt that it was like 8 o´clock and I looked at the clock and it was 12pm and I was like – eh? But then I remembered, 4 hour difference – it WAS 8 AM back home 🙂 So on Mon and Tue we tried to wake up a bit earlier – on Mon I woke up at around 9-10, Tue 8, and now Wed at 6:15.

Tee-hee, the alarm clock seemed useless maybe 🙂 So we just walked around for like 2 hours and headed to MBK – one of the biggest shopping centers. We arrived there quite early – at around 9:20 and then we sat down to wait for the MBK to open at 10:00, cause we needed to exchange money and buy me a local number and stuff like that, maybe even go to the cinemas. But then I suddenly got even sicker and felt sick for like 40 minutes, during that time I blacked out 2 times. Fortunately I managed to stay awake and somewhat stable and after a visit to the bathroom I felt a bit better, I thoguht I was in the bathroom for 2 minutes, seems I was there for about 10 minutes – I haven´t felt bad after that, so that was my worst day so far 🙂

After I felt better, went around to buy a phone number and the customer service at True was absolutely adorable – the local Thai girl was so sweet and polite that I literally felt that it was the most adorable human contact I´ve had with a stranger. After that we visited the Milk Shake restaraunt for the second time – we have never went back to to eat the same place, but this one. Maybe it was mainly because I felt so bad and needed something to aid my body with – and the milk shake was great, cost 110 THB 🙂 After that we went around to look for a badminton store – found a Yonex store with some prices for the European geeks to compare prices – not much difference, here prices are a little lower, but not much.

BUT! We found a great place at Central World shopping center – a wall of quotes. Such a great find in such a materialistic place that I was blown away, literally – not, not really, but still. I love these the most (there were more) – and my favourite is the one with the apple 🙂

After that I surprised Katja and took her to something she (DOES NOT) like/s – snakes. Received some information about the snakes – for example, if you see a King Cobra – they have poor eyesight so you should not run away straight away as it creates more vision for them and they might come after you better – you must escape, but slowly and with smooth movements. While there was this smaller yellow/green snake, which was thermal sensitive – so from that, you must. run. from. ASAP. without any special tactics.

Oh yeah, we got to touch one of them or.. it got to.. chill on us. After that we wanted to take a tuk-tuk to the harbour, but most of them wanted to rip us off, but as we already know the prices of most things then it wasn´t much of a challenge. First they asked for 300 baht, then when I said too expensive, then they went to 100 baht, which for me was expensive as well, as the taxi was just 90 baht (air-conditioned, comfortable etc). When we reached the harbour, the woman over there wanted to rip us off as well, but as the clock got closer to our boat leaving the harbour I wanted to be sure, so I called Up and he talked to the boat-keeper and got everything sorted out. We usually tip all our taxies here and we really loved the boat-driver (not the boat-keeper at the harbour). Very sincere, very open and a great older person – we´ll go to the center again on Wednesday, so I hope to see him again, maybe give him a gift of somesort – shall see. So alls well ends well – got onto the boat and was heading off home.

10th of Sept, Thursday. Woke up at 9ish and started to clean the side of the house. Because of the constant rains, the tiles were shifted, so I felt like I wanted to help somehow, so I decided to start cleaning that part – Up also joined me a little later and we worked quite hard for 4 hours straight and now – it´s beautiful 🙂 But as it is Up´s and Erin´s personal house, I don´t want to upload many pictures – privacy matters. So after working that long and didn´t have much to eat the previous day because of the sickness (just drank a lot of water, had the milk shake and some fanta in the evening) then we decided to do an Estonian/Russian style rice-milk-soup at 2pm as a “breakfast” as we were working so much and didn´t eat previously. It came out great and the taste brought back childhood in a way, even Up liked it I think. The dogs liked it A LOT more than we did – I´ll do a separate post about the dogs here, they´re great 🙂

After that we went to the market to just buy some stuff – my physical body was graving familiar foods, so I bought some apples, we bought some cabbage, some grapes which aren´t local and a carrot – but we want to cook cabbage later, so cabbage and carrot is for that, not for eating separately 🙂

Then came a great experience for me – a new badminton hall and guess.. how many courts. Come on, don´t be lazy, guess.

TWNETY FIVE, yes, 25 courts. 18 on one side with concrete or asphalt underneath and 7 (premium) on the other side with wooden boards underneath. Played with Katja, Up and Erin – had a lot of fun and watched locals play as well – a great experience for me 🙂

Some locals also challenged us from another court, so we did a friendly match there, also a few challenged from another court – played there as well. The experience was excellent for me – the air flowed very well, the courts were brilliant or perfect to say the least, the lighting was great and well – everything, awesome. I wanted to move there, jump and do everything even though it was 33 degrees again. And as it´s a new hall – it gives a great vibe, as in the legends are still to be had there. Also met the owner who was an awesome person – all in all, I will definitely want to go back there 🙂

This hall had the racquet of the King which cost about 1 million baht to buy off an auction and it also had a picture with Ratchanok Intanon (a great Thai badminton player).

11.09 Friday. We woke up and went to the market to buy some dog food for Whiskey and Happy. While we were there we saw some beautiful looking fish – a lot of different ones with different colours, but.. I decided not to post any pictures as I am totally against building different kinds of prisons for animals and keeping them there just because we can.

We decided to go to a park nearby and found a montior snake´s tail and other creatures. Then Up took us to another park where we saw a big statue of Buddha and fed some fish – we really enjoyed that 🙂

The great journey started after that – the time we arrived here is actually perfect for us if we´re not stranded outside – e.g. the rain/storm season. So it started raining and.. A LOT.

And since Up took us to the market (as he needed to get some stuff for himself and we just tagged along) then Katja really wanted to sit on the back of his pickup truck. As it is not allowed to ride like that in Estonia, I pushed her to seize the opportunity to drive on the back while heavy rains come down – also decided to join her there just to be extra careful nothing happens as she might not be able to hold herself well there. Up drove very carefully and at the same time – had a lot of fun as well 🙂 Even drove to speeds up to 80 km/h. Was a bit windy, therefor a bit cold, but mostly very warm and a wonderful experience 🙂 One of those experiences I came here for.

Up and Erin invited us to go to the Thai-US military base in Bangkok and play some pool – so we did, we enjoyed that a lot, has been a while since we played pool. After that me and Katja went to Starbucks – she wanted a cup of coffee as she was getting sick a little or felt cold, I, of course, got myself a blueberry muffin 🙂 Miss those intellectually AND physically. After that we all took a cab home and just went to sleep.

12.09 Saturday. We decided to go to a small island within Bangkok. Rented bicycles and went discovering – I also did a video with my GoPro, but I´ll see if I have the time and energy to finish it and publish it. But I´m really grateful that they invited us there as it is one of those things I would have never thought of doing while in Bangkok. After that we went eating again, but as we had a few sausages on the island, we weren´t very hungry. I´ve noticed that I tend to eat much much less here than I do at home, maybe still because of the jetlag as I don´t feel the length of the day at all. Doesn´t matter if I wake up at 7am or 12pm, I still feel like the day is only half-short somehow, cycles are messed up.

13.09 Sunday. We decided to visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market again and surfed around. This time we had more time and were more relaxed and I realized that.. in order to cover all the stores in the market and stop at every store for 3 seconds, it might take me 7 hours to comb through everything. But the good thing is – after you´ve looked around for 30 minutes, everything starts to repeat itself, so one does not need 7 minutes.

After the market we registered to a badminton center – more for Katja as those were more of beginners, but later realized that there were some good players there as well. Unfortunately I had a few bad experiences there with the local people – don´t want to talk about it and hopefully I will never see them again. Fortunately Katja did not experience it as she was away at that time and the experience for her was good as the players were playing more to her level so she enjoyed everything.

Thankfully my day ended very well, because we decided to have a seafood weekend with the hosts and Katja treated for most of the seafood – Up cooked tho, I helped a bit. What do you think, how much is the whole bucket (basket?) full of seafood worth? By the way – it´s all fresh and received this morning from the fisherman (was kept in ice cold water outside) for a few hours.

The bucket/basket full of food (~6kg) cost about 1300 baht which is roughly 32€.

After re-writing everything that happened last week I feel like I need more and more of my hippie life cycle back. Tired of always doing something that requires money or constantly doing something new, but thankfully Bangkok is much more convenient for me than Ghana was.. where.. I basically never rested. Here the locals have seen so many white people that I kinda blend in and I´m happy about it as it it is simpler to find the golden balance.

Now, refresh, rinse and repeat. I need to find my pattern and my rhythm, will probably change how I write my blogs as.. this is way too descriptive – good for you, the readers, but bad for me as this is.. not.. me. Will see how I continue, either way, thanks for reading and sticking to the story. Hope you enjoy your everyday life and keep your course.

Have a wonderful day 🙂 I´m about to go to bed, good night.

I´ll leave you with this song

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