Differentiating wants and needs

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

― Dalai Lama XIV

Staying near Bukit Jalil LRT (metro) station in Kuala Lumpur. The second time something didn´t go as “would thought to be best” happened. Near Bukit Jalil, Lee Chong Wei has his trainings, but the day I arrived here, he left for Europe (Denmark and France Open). Also – when planning the trip to Asia, we entered Thailand on the 3rd of Sept and there was a competition at the end of Sept/beginning of Oct, so by that time we would already be in South of Thailand and not in Bangkok and planning to enter Malaysia where.. we are now. I am enjoying my karma right now as.. I feel this is guiding me more to where I need to be in life, even though I am lost, literally, and reconsidering my job/work life as well, but cannot focus on it yet, too soon for one set of reasons and too late for other – will see, where I end up and from where I decide to continue 🙂

Finding the flow is the most incredible feeling I have ever felt – one of my main missions of being in Asia (hence the blog title, The Asian Flow) and if this means not being “on board” with set plans, then – excellent either way 🙂 I will always try to sail my own way, in my own pace and create my own reality and will do it step by step. Sometimes I do get lost, I will admit, but I have my mentality as my compass to guide me and it will, eventually, always guide me back to this insane road – why insane? Well, “sane” one would be the perfectly planned or.. I would say – perfectly flawed. Why perfectly flawed? Because one does not recognize the destruction of a “perfectly” planned set of actions until it might feel too late, which – will not be too late, don´t worry 🙂

A little about our trip so far – last time I wrote was on Koh Lanta, we left on the 30th of September and towards Hat Yai through a rest stop in Trang. Why towads Hat Yai? We decided to Couchsurf and get to know local people more that way and so far, we have really liked the experience. We met Jack in Hat Hay who hosted us for 2 nights and we got to see Hat Yai a little bit and also get to know Jack – he´s a doctor and has been practicing for 4 months now. Wonderful person I would say 🙂

On 3rd of Oct we arrived at/on/in Langkawi, Malaysia. The first day we stayed at the smallest motel room I have ever seen (which I must say was very comfortable) and also met our next CS hosts after the first night – Kenny and Jean. They introduced us to Jeffery, who is running a local animal shelter with 12 dogs and about 20 cats Jeff is an interesting person, who I think has chosen to redirect his kindness more towards animals in need, which is great 🙂

After the the stay on Langkawi, we head back to Alor Setar (Alo-Star) and got to know Kenny, Jean and their two daughters – very interesting people and very kind as well. It´s interesting how one of the same good words you can say about people can mean very different aspects of the same idea.

After we left Alor Setar, we decided to go to Kuala Lumpur earlier, so we took the night bus, which was extremely comfortable – never really seen a bus like that, I slept really well 🙂 After arriving in KL, we had a room waiting (partly waiting) for us in Chinatown which was at the heart of KL I would say. After a few nights there we met Fai Lee, who also couch-hosted us for 3 nights and at her place I am writing my last post from Malaysia, it´s +5 hours from Estonia, so past midnight. She is also an interesting person and we are happy to have met her and to experience her kind of life and what she likes/doesn´t like.

We have really enjoyed the couchsurfing experiences in Asia so far – the people are very interesting and I would say that not different at all from the people in Estonia. Well, not different for me at least. Everyone is their own way and have their own life, their own actions and their own karma balance, which is interesting for me to see and experience 🙂

One thing I miss about Langkawi tho – cheap food. The street food and the night market food was at a very good price and chocolate (duty free, because it is an island) – extremely cheap. It was a bit of heaven for me that became a distant dream once we reached KL. (some moments passed) I shouldn´t really have sugar that much anymore, but I still miss the cheap food (all of the different Asian dishes – Malaysian, Thai, Indian, Chinese etc).

We had a morning meeting with flashbacks of our European life – got together with my badminton student Juri from Estonia and had breakfast at the hotel he was staying at. Had a lot of European food and.. it was a piece of heaven for us 🙂 Thankful for the “European experience” between the jungle stays 🙂

Fai Lee, our last couchsurfing host in KL, lives in a building block that has a shared pool – I got to swim again, which is really fun here. The water is unfortunately warm everywhere, but since it was very stormy tonight, it was the perfect time for me to swim – because it´s colder 🙂 (just as others were preparing to leave, because of the storm). I hope I get to swim in Cambodia as well.

Oh, you don´t know? Next destination is Cambodia, Phnom Penh, flying tomorrow from KLIA2 at 3pm, flight takes 55 minutes – might as well share this information, because Google Maps already somehow knows this, why not you 🙂

Asia has been good to us and we are good to Asia and.. we´ve experienced a lot, now.. we want to settle down for a bit and try to live somewhere for a longer period, perhaps a month through renting a place. We will see how it goes, but I want some kind of stability a little bit to relax and do some other activities rather than just always jumping to a new place and getting adjusted. I must say tho – I have learned to adjust to new situations even faster now and the “out of comfort zone” has become a new comfort zone, as it is starting to irritate me then I feel it is time to find some balance again and start doing something that is again, a bit “out of the comfort zone” in another way 🙂

There are some pictures as well, thank you for reading and remember – if you don´t live your life, nobody will live it for you.

Also would like to share this song for some un-analyzed reason(s), smile.

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