A little in my own pace

Bangkok. Still in Bangkok and settling in, adjusting to the heat/cold and I´m trying to find my rhythm within the chaos.

Started playing DOTA with Up. I´ve realized earlier but now definitely confirmed – I´m a social gamer. I have some gamer friends who have started playing DOTA (when it came out or became popular) and invited me – I never liked it and didn´t join them, but now I realize why. The reason is that they wanted to play online from home, but I don´t like to play like that, I like to play with people, hence why me and my gamerfriends were so good at Counter-Strike like 18 years ago – we did a lot of LAN games. So anyways, we played DOTA, then DOTA2 and then Counter-Strike 1.6 – fun, old memories and some new gaming experiences 🙂

On Tuesday I had the chance to visit my fourth badminton hall in Bangkok and I liked it. It was different and very airy, but that also meant that I missed the shuttle a lot – he-he. But at the moment of visiting the hall I realized that I´m adjusting a little better and it doesn´t feel like complete torture to play anymore, I´m beginning to enjoy it more. I guess it might take up a few months to get to the same level I played at back home, but it doesn´t matter, I learned something and that´s what I came here for.

OH! Went to the Bangkok center again on a boat on Wednesday as it was raining. “When it rains, it pours” is a perfect way to describe the rain here and how do I know? Well, it has been raining for the past week and it´s heavy. And as we went there, it was raining which was a good experience – warm, yet wet. But the most intriguing part for me was that we managed to go from the place we are staying at to the center + to MBK (about 12-14k from this place to center and about 2h walk from center to MBK) with 47 baht roundtrip. Took the boat from here to center which cost 20 baht per person and then took the no-AC bus from center to MBK which cost 7 baht per person. Back for some reason the bus was for free, so we saved 7 baht per person there. I think it can´t get any cheaper as if it was cheaper, they must start paying us already.

On Thursday we went to watch the premiere of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, which was quite okay, but I liked the fact that I got to watch something in the cinema. We watched Self/less as well, on Wednesday when we went to the center, so this week has been a little different and I quite like it. Katja also asked if we could buy cheese popcorn as she liked the smell last time we went to the cinema. I replied that sure – because this might be the last time until December we have the chance to even go to a cinema 🙂

On Friday we went to Katja’s bouldering training and she liked it – but it was quite far away unfortunately. The bouldering hall was even interesting for me as I´ve seen a few by now and this would definitely top them – made a video as well, so you can see.

Saturday was the day I reconsidered about staying Bangkok for longer. Initially we planned to leave on Sunday to the South, but since I got a good chance to play badminton on Tuesday then we changed our plans and would have left Wednesday night, but then I started to think about it and.. eventually I chose to cancel the extra badminton trainings and earlier as previously planned because we would have lost like 3-4 days because of it and.. I can do it once we get back to Thailand in December.

Anek, the badminton guru and very wonderful and humble (should I add very in front of an already _big_ word? In this case, yes) person, invited me and Katja to join him for dinner at a good Seafood restaurant. The experience was very good for me and Katja as we got to try a lot of different types of seafood and we enjoyed it a lot. The place was called Laem Charoem. As it was before a badminton training my body didn´t digest it fast enough so I felt a little fat there 🙂 As you´ve just realized – yes – went to play badminton again. This time with the Saturn club the 2nd time and it was the first venue I have visited the 2nd time. This time my play was much better, the 32 degrees didn´t feel that hot, I could actually move, run, jump and everything without getting extremely tired at first. It still requires a lot of effort and I believe time to get used to this completely. But I could say that I managed to survive 3 times as long as before. Played a bit of MD, MD with girls and eventually the last game singles with the best guy in the club. Did I win? Of course not, he-he. Well, firstly who doesn´t know – I don´t play singles, usually, only do it when the feeling is right and then mostly on competitions. So it was extremely difficult for me, we managed to play point by point to like 8 points and then.. it became extremely difficult for me. Eventually lost like 10 or 11-21. Now I totally understand why Asian players are much better in Europe – they have very tough conditions to train in. I believe if I could play a good singles match in this weather and practiced for 3-6 months, it would be very easy to play in Europe. Another thing that was quite different is that I had to apply 100% of my power to hit the shuttle and it didn´t fly to the other end of the back court – neither did his, by the way, but I gave away like 7 points by just shier lack of experience. I thought he would hit out, while it was in the middle of the rear box – was hard to get used to it as I was already tired and didn´t have enough power to keep the rallies going anymore. But I loved the experiences of Saturday nonetheless.

Spain is always attracting me or.. I am attracted to Spain, either way, there´s a picture of a flag as well, a good place where we went to eat noodles for breakfast.

Oh, almost forgot – the dogs – Whiskey and Happy. I could say that one could switch their names because of their personalities, but I might also have the feeling just because Whiskey is very young (1 year) and Happy is quite “experienced” (7 years). The dogs are wonderful, but I enjoy Whiskey the most right now as he is quite playful and silly. Always happy to see us – which dog isn´t? But I just haven´t had the experience to live with a dog for 2 weeks before and it has been a great experience in that perspective. I have always wanted a dog, but the cat I had – Alice who lived to be 17 years (normal life span about 10-12, if they have a good life) was an angel. I guess it has nothing to do with subjects, objects or bodies. We attract who we need and who we understand and who understand us. So I guess I attracted my cat with a pure energy and therefor she decided to share her life with me and my family. So when I´ll decide to want to share my life with another creature, I guess it will all be “right” for that moment in time and that life. What else do I have to say? Just live, try to accept things I don´t understand and enjoy.

And also a picture of our great hosts for the 2 weeks in Bangkok who went out of their way to make us feel welcome Up and Erin – funny and wonderful people 🙂 I hope to see them again in December when we return to Bangkok 🙂

Also would like to leave you with this:

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